34 PowerPoint and Keynote Templates - only $29
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34 PowerPoint and Keynote Templates - only $29
2700+ slides total available for PowerPoint and Keynote.

34 Best seller PowerPoint and Keynote Templates for only $29! Save 95%

34 presentation templates with 2700+ slides total available for PowerPoint and Keynote.


A few words about

Want your presentation to truly stand out from the crowd? Then get your paws on these powerful and professional templates. This set of 34 slick presentation templates are compatible with both Keynote and PowerPoint. Packed with more than 2700+ easily customizable slides, you can simply drag and drop your images to update these beautiful, modern presentations.


Powerful features


Fully customizable

Our presentations are very easily amenable to any changes. You can easily edit any elements of the presentation, for example: fonts, colors, images and everything else. It's very easy!


Free lifetime updates

By purchasing once this set, you will automatically receive free updates. We try to improve and add new presentations very often. This is a good investment of your money.


We try to provide the highest quality of our products. You can be sure that you will not have any problems with the additional configuration and you will be able to use the presentation right after the purchase.


Two easy steps to complete the presentation

Setting up the presentation will take you very short time. You only need to do 2 small steps and your presentation is ready to be shown!


Insert your text

Just enter the text you need in the special fields.

Insert your images

Just drag your images into special placeholders.


What is included?



Clarity Presentation

Clarity it’s simple and beautiful presentation for PowerPoint and Keynote. Clarity includes 160 total slides.

Tera Presentation

Terra, a beautiful PowerPoint and Keynote presentation. Terra contains 152 total creative summer slides.


Focus Presentation

Clean & stylish presentation made in a modern style and focusing on the easy submission of information.

IRIS Presentation

It's as bright as your ideas, which you can easily embody in this presentation.


Athena Presentation

Bright, creative and minimal 160 slides for PowerPoint and Keynote.

Desire Presentation

Elegant style and stunning fonts make this presentation something to be truly desired.


Assume Presentation

Simple clean design, made this presentation universal for everyone.

Helix Presentation

Helix it’s powerful 160 total PowerPoint and Keynote slides designed for business.


Liberty Presentation

Another business presentation that will help you become even more successful.

Oreol Presentation

Stunning set of slides ideal for companies, investment projects, start-ups, and many other fields.


Passion Presentation

Passion it’s a perfect solution for startups and small companies. Ideal for business!

Ella Presentation

Ella is a simple and easy-to-understand presentation that suits any needs.


A4 PowerPoint and Keynote Presentations for Print:

A4 Assume Presentation

A4 IRIS Presentation


A4 Clarity Presentation

A4 Desire Presentation




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